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Bus 2014


The annual Biology Undergraduate Symposium (BUS) was held on April 9th. BUS is the final event of the year for our 4th year thesis (BIO4C09) and project (BIO4F06) courses and a great celebration of undergraduate research. Students from across our Biology programs gave

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Qamber Raza


Qamber Raza awarded poster prize at Canadian Developmental Biology conference

Congratulations to Qamber Raza who was awarded the poster prize at the Canadian Developmental Biology conference at Mt. Tremblant in March. Qamber's work defines a new model system for determining the molecular mechanisms

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BioDay 2014


Ontario Biology Day 2014

Ontario Biology Day was held at the University of Toronto Mississauga this weekend, March 22 and March 23.  Ontario Biology Day is an annual research symposium for 4th year students completing their research projects and students from our Biology

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Going bananas at McMaster's Biology Greenhouse

The air outside might be frigid, but at McMaster bananas are in bloom. During the blooming process, banana plants "throw" their flower cluster over and out of the centre of the plant, explained greenhouse technician Arthur Yeas. This

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Ben Bolker

Fever-reducing meds may help spread the flu

Contrary to popular belief, fever-reducing medication may inadvertently cause more harm than good.

New research from McMaster University has discovered that the widespread use of medications that contain fever-reducing drugs may lead to tens of thousands more

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Cody Dey Interview on CBC Radio

Cody Dey from the Quinn lab will be interviewed on CBC radio (Quirks and Quarks) this week. Listen to Cody explain how shrinkage (of frontal shields) helps minimize aggression in social groups of pukeko. Pukeko live in

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Blessing Bassey awarded Faculty for the Future fellowship

When McMaster student Blessing Bassey speaks of her dreams for the future, "giving back" to the people of her native Nigeria is a priority for the PhD candidate.

For now, Bassey spends her days in

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McMaster donates bamboo bounty to Toronto Zoo pandas

What to do with the excess bamboo?

That’s the question Arthur Yeas, technician at McMaster’s Biology Greenhouse, faces about three times a year. That’s how often Yeas has to cut back his collection of golden bamboo,

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Border songs set range limits between rival mice

On the highest mountains and volcanos of Central America, songs of Neotropical singing mice (Scotinomys) pierce the cloud-cloaked forest. Males use these elaborate, high-pitched vocalizations to attract mates and repel rivals. In Costa Rica and Panama,

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Congratulations are extended to the awardees of our 1st Annual Biology Graduate Student Achievements Awards for the 2012-13 academic year!

From left to right, George diCenzo: Best Publication – Microbiology and Plant Biology; Jessica Vanderploeg: Best TA; Sangeena Salman: Significant Recognition for Research Work; Nicole

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Dr. McCarry


John Lott - In Memoriam

It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of Dr. John N.A. Lott, Professor Emeritus of the Department of Biology at McMaster University. John completed a BSc in Botany and Zoology at the University of British Columbia and then graduated with MSc and PhD degrees from the University of California at Davis, California. Upon completion of his PhD in 1969 he was recruited to McMaster University where he worked, even well past his retirement and election as Professor Emeritus (2005).

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